i'M jHON

Expert in 2D Art, I do Concept art, Illustrations, and Design since 2016, mainly dedicated to Mobile Games and Entertainment Industry.

I'm the Founder of Vectorize, where I've taught more than 5,000 students world-widely to use Affinity Designer and Master Vector Techniques.

My skillset is dedicated to creating stunning and appealing designs, focused on Speed and Quality

I have worked on several projects, creating thousands of Assets and visual content as Freelancer and instructor, being able to attend to different styles, challenges, and genres of art.


I Design characters for all universe and art styles, for all kind of games and contents! Swipe to see more!


I build scenes specially to guide the viewer into the storytelling, it gives him an immersive and fun experience!

Behind the result there is my workflow
(Process step-by-step)